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Zuggy arises from the need to add value in the distribution chain of the prepaid market, bringing the consumer closer to having an experience in different categories like entertainment, among others, such as: video games, movie tickets, streaming, etc, since in Mexico 87% of the population prepares these services, as well as airtime for cell phones.

In my career as an entrepreneur I realized that innovation had to occur if I wanted to have an advantage over the prepaid market, thus a new purchase option arises that did not exist in 2012 when I started to study this innovation, make the business plan, get it going and even patent the delivery method when my lawyers told me that nowhere in the world it existed!

I put together a team of experts and we started to put the idea in action, so the results were very good because the parts that made up this puzzle were beginning to see a difference. It was then that we created our own platform that connects suppliers with distributors and points of sale, serving as a road to reach the final customer, starting at the bottom of the pyramid to the mass market such as the mom & pop stores, where the Gift Cards (physical gift cards) cannot reach. Being our innovation the delivery of prepaid codes in digital by text messages (SMS), simulating the purchase of electronic airtime, that was a hit!

With this strategy, we reached more than 100,000 points of sale, and it was then that we started the second phase to convenience stores and pharmacies with which we reached the peak in self-service, department stores and mobile apps.

In addition, I always say that one door opens even more,  that is how a very important digital distribution network was created, which has allowed us to enter other lines of business.

Now, it has not been easy because I was about 7 years ahead of technology - I laugh -. The work has been hard, but the consumer and the other parties are beginning to understand that this purchase option exists.

Zuggy means something well done! And we are achieving it.

Best wishes!

Mauricio R. Fernández Borja

Founder & CEO